Tax credit for domestic costs

Did you know that if you order services to your household as a private person paying income tax to Finland, you are entitled to get tax credit from the Finnish Tax Administration? This tax credit option is a personal one and it covers 50% of the paid cost of the work (side costs are excluded). The own liability rate is €100 per year and the maximum credit amount is €2400 per calendar year.

if you order 2 hour cleaning service from us (eg between Monday and Wednesday) every month, your total cost in a year will be: 12 * 2 * €37,90 = €909,60

Your own liability is €100,00 and therefore you are entitled to get tax credit for the amount of €809,60: 50% * €809,60 = €404,80

This is a substantial benefit you can and should take advantage of! More information about the tax credit option can be found in English from here or in Finnish from here.